About Us

About Us

Hedge Kitten was created by Montreal based street photographer and retired musician Amin Habbal. in February 2017 Amin Habbal quit working in the music industry to focus more on his investments. After spending nearly 2 years trading cryptocurrencies he had formulated algorithms for generating fairly accurate buy signals.

In 2020 Amin realized that all the good trades happened when he was away from his computer. That’s when he decided to utilize his programming skills and develop his first trading bot.

He quickly showed his idea off to various family members and friends and before he even finished programming his first bot he had offers to buy it from him. That’s when the idea for Hedge Kitten arose.

Everyday Amin worked on testing his bot and programming new features and making his bot smarter. This resulted in 2 full fledged A.I driven bots, one for day trading and the other for swing trading.


Hedge Kittens bots are fully automated A.I based systems that update in real-time. They Intelligently buy, sell, and execute trades based on how the markets are doing that day. They were specifically designed to react differently in different markets. This level of programming allows Hedge Kitten to run 24/7 with 80% accuracy and minimal losses.

With Hedge Kitten’s automated trading systems you can earn steady income passively. Buy and sell, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

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Due to highly volatile markets, our systems may be limited over the next few weeks to reduce risk.

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