Our A.I and data driven technologies are able to reduce risk while maintaining profitability across various financial markets.

2021 YTD returns on our Quantum Kitten Digital fund.


Our profits for Q2 2021.


Our kittens in action

Average return of 4.5% per trade
Average loss of 2% per trade
Average total loss of 0.3% per account
Success rate of 55% per trade
Success rate of 83% per month

Quantum Kitten Fund

Our Quantum Kitten fund is new for 2021 with a focus on trading stocks using our proprietary trading models.

Our 2020 returns


Quantum Kitten Digital Fund

Our Quantum Kitten Digital fund is a short term day/swing trading fund focusing on trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets using our proprietary trading models.

Our 2020 returns

+ 78.65%


The materials on this website are for illustration and discussion purposes only and do not constitute an offering. We are a private tech based fund as such we do not accept new investors, nor do we offer investment services of any kind.

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